Lily India Private limited manufactures hair care products, keeping in mind hair care routines prominent globally. Mr Prabhat Agarwalaa, the director of lily combs has contributed greatly towards boosting the company’s credibility. He influenced a pan India circulation of the company’s products. The competence of his education reflects itself on his personality and stature. He completed his schooling from La Martiniere and secured an honors degree from St. Xavier’s College- both of which are premiere institutes which breed virtuosity.

Adding another feather to his hat, Mr. Agarwalaa has maintained an associative position in the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India, a national professional accounting body established under the Chartered Accountants Act wielded by the parliament. Agarwala also held a position within the committee of Indian Plastic Federation, set up to promote plastic industries within the country. His reputation rests on a prolonged experience of forty years that dictates a professionality that comes only with familiarity with business procedures. Initially, he started his career in manufacture under Ritik International, a supplier company in Kolkata which has made its name amongst star Export Houses and later took over the management unit of Lily India Pvt. Ltd. in the year 2002. Much to the company’s benefit, the turnover rate increased by 400% since his intervention and the production capacity underwent a dramatic expansion by 100%.

Agarwala initiated another unit to cater to the manufacture of combs under the name of Asrit International and has extended the company’s potentiality by venturing into marketing of hair brushes in the present year with plans to introduce it to the manufacturing of hair accessories. Although, lily combs essentially caters to the wholesale market on pan India basis, Mr. Agarwalaa previsions an increasement in the marketing network to modern trade and retail distribution with a future aim to conquer international markets as well.